Marketing tips and strategies, ways to help your market your own business or even ideas and businesses you can start and do yourself to  make money. You will never have to buy anything unless you want to.  COMING SOON will have a page of businesses and products to avoid, ones that all of you have tried and found to be scams!


Hello my name is Brian Cisz and I have been making money on the internet now for several years.  But wait I almost forgot to tell you that I have been trying to make money for about 7 years... yes that's right 7 years so if my math is correct about 5 years have been in failure.  I will be (hopefully) helping you NOT to make the same mistakes I have made and save you 5 years of wasting time and money, while avoiding internet marketing scams!!! One thing you need to know before going any farther... this will take some work and some time along with a little money, nothing free will get you there trust me!  So if your ready and willing lets shake hands and continue on.  And if not... then expect to do the same as me and I will see you in a few years and we can try again.

Welcome To InternetMarketingScams.Net

Well I hope by time you are done reviewing my Site you will have a better idea on what you might want to try to make money on the internet.  Not everything I use will be for everyone, a lot depends on what your trying to do yourself... whether you have your own products you want to sell and promote or whether you want to be a affiliate marketer.  Either way you can make money but it will take a little time and effort. 

Just for your information, any products or ads on my website are approved by me.  I have either used the products you will see advertised on my pages or have researched them for you so that they are not scams! Not saying everyone of them will work for you,  it all depends on what your wanting to do.   Almost all websites will have google ads running on there page so they can make money every time you click on them, but if I did that it would defeat the purpose of steering you away from the internet marketing scams, instead it would lead you right to them!  When people put google ads on their page they have very limited control of what goes in them!  Another word of caution is you will find a lot of people out there that say bad reviews about almost everything out there, because they didn't know how to use it properly or expected to make tons of money without investing any time.  Take a close look at everything and read carefully to make sure your on the right track.

Marketing Tools That I  Use or Have Used And Recommed! 

Brad Callen's Keyword Elite

Dominate Adwords. Dominate Niche Marketing. Dominate The Search Engines.

Brad Callen's SEO Elite

The Grand Daddy Of All Seo Software! Get A Top 5 Google Ranking In Under 30 Days!

Brad Callen's AK Elite

Get #1 Amazon Kindle Store Rankings For Your Kindle Books. Ak Elite Is The Ultimate Kindle Book Money Maker.

Click the pic to go the website and check it out!

Brad Callen's Affiliate Elite

Get A Giant List Of All CB Affiliates For Any Product. Instantly See All Adwords Keywords For Any Domain. Spy On Adwords And Yahoo Search Marketing Ads And Much More!

Brad Callen's Niche Finder

Our New Keyword Research, Niche Marketing Software Allows You To Quickly See Which Keywords Are Easy, Moderate, And Difficult To Rank For In Google. All With 1 Single Mouse Click!

One nice thing about Brad Callen's products is that they all come with 60 Day Money Back Guarantee although I have never had to use it with his products.... and I even lost one program of his due to my computer crashing and a year later he still sent me a download for it. He is the real deal, but yet not everyone needs his products.... but if you do they work!!!

Social Media Programs that I personally use right now!  And yes they convert sales!

Facebook Groups Poster a great way to save time and money by finding groups, gathering groups and posting to groups!  Thia is a must have if your on FB

Twitter Marketing Program

This is a little costly but I feel is well worth it. $188 for unlimited profiles (that's what I have).  I personally use 13 accounts at this times and will be adding more soon.

IBO DominatorIs a auto poster and associate finder to work with IBO
Toolbox just another way to connect with other network marketers!

This is my Tweetadder account and the total earning are for a 3 month time frame, now please note this is commissions on JUST selling the Tweetadder program and my affiliates under me.  This doesn't show money made using twitter to promote other products or businesses.

**NOTE**  The initial setup of your twitter accounts and lists of tweets to make this work and promoting your business takes time please be patient when doing so.  Feel free to ask for my help when setting things up!

Skinny Body Care

Ok I am just getting ready to start using this product myself so can't tell you personally how good it works, but have a couple of friends that use it and say they love it.  One has lost about 28 pounds (not that she is that big) and the other has lost over 75 pounds. So personally I am excited about this and I am doing this as a business too!!!

So if you just want to lose weight then try this you won't be sorry, and if you want to start a WORK AT HOME BUSINESS then you can do that too.  Now for me I am doing both.

For those of you wanting to do this as a business a couple of things, one... you will be successful, if you don't panic by not making $1000 your first month (although it is possible).  There is one man who started this 3 years ago and has NEVER brought anyone in and just buys his Skinny Fiber and is now making over $3,000 a month, not bad for just letting the system do it for him!  I wish I would have done that 3 years ago :(

So just to give you a little more info here... if you join this as business and DON'T DO ANY RECRUITING here is what to expect 1st month anywhere from $25 to $100+ and will grow some every month.  *** Please Note*** Me personally I am sharing this with friends and family (even though it says you don't have to) because I want them not only to be able to lose weight if they want to but to be able to make money from home!

Final thought:  If you really want to make $1,000's per month (and I promise you that you will) you have to be willing to work it just as if you opened your own business, you start with no customers and have to build upon it (if you do nothing the system will do it but very slowly).  I will be more than happy to help you!  There is so many ways to advertise out there just a few are Facebook, Twitter, IBO Toolbox, Craigslist, Backpage and many more.

Brain Abundance

Well here is another one I do and also has a excellent productNow this business is not for anyone who wants to just sign up and sit back... its not likely you will make much money.  This one you have 2 legs and you decide where people fall under you and even though the system does a lot for you, it's not like Skinny Body Care. 

But with that said this one will reward you more for your hard work and pays every week! 

But work it and you will find it's possible to make $100's to $1,000 your first month!  It's all up to you.... make it happen :)

And yes I have been taking this for a while now and feel great, more energy, more relaxed which means less stress oh yea :)  Once again this is a REAL BUSINESS and you need to treat it as one and by doing so you will make money.... how much depends on how much you work it. 

Both of these two businesses will make you money and the reason I do both is to not only make money faster but I like both products and use both.  Even if you don't want to use the products (not sure why you wouldn't), you can still do them as your businesses and give the products to people as a trial product to see if they like it and then can make money just selling the products to them!

I have a few more things that will be added soon but the 2 businesses above are my main focus and the social media programs above that I use daily.  The Brad Callen products I have used in the past and got a webpage to go from 35 pages back in the search engine (GOOGLE) to the #1 position on 2 keywords and #2 position on 1 keyword so don't let people tell you they don't work because they do!!!  They just want you to buy their product and not the others (but who doesn't want     PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME ON ANYTHING

Learn more about Skinny Body Care products and compensation plan by clicking here!

Are these the only businesses out there making money of course not, I am just sharing ones that I use and know are making money. Some things to avoid are buy now or this won't be here tomorrow, only 12 left, hurry for the timer runs out. Those are ways to get you to hurry up and buy (even though some of the best products do this too). Your best bet is to use products or businesses from people you trust, because people you trust won't let you down! There are a few people I want to thank for making my dreams a reality!!

My Love Melissa Smith (for her love and support), My good friend Annie Moon (who introduced me to Brain Abundance), Aron Parker (for his motivation and support), Tyson Curtis, (for all his help and motivation), Eddie Miller (for Following me in my adventures), and last but not least Jamie Gill (for introducing me to Skinny Body Care and his support and help).